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A Cup of Coffee & Your Future

Some long distance relationships mean I say goodnight when you say good morning. It means I drink six black coffees to catch my next flight while you go to work and make six black coffees for all the couples who get to live in the same city. It means you trust a foreign night life to let me run around in it alone and I trust a drunken college party to let you run around in it alone. It means you comfort my homesickness through a pixilated screen and I cheer on your dreams over telephone wires. It means we learn to love each other without our hands and we take special care of the hours given to us because we only ever get just a few hours. It means I cry in the shower at three a.m. because you said something stupid and you rage at two p.m. because I did something silly.

And sometimes I come home and the long distance doesn’t end…it just gets a little less long.

Some long distance relationships mean the moments I get with you, I probably have to share you at a wedding or a Christmas party or a family dinner. It means I haven’t gotten to spend more than 48 hours in the same town as you since we started dating. It means we plan dates around tanks of gas and alternating weekends. It means I visit you at work because when else am I supposed to see you and you come to my awkward church functions because when else will we get to eat dinner together in the next few weeks?

But you want to know what every single long distance relationship means no matter the miles, the hours, the frequent flyer points, or the four cents back per gallon?

It means you trust each other implicitly. It means there’s someone that makes all that hard stuff bearable. It means you came out swinging or you just barely made it out at all. But either way…you made it. It means one day you’re going to cherish getting to wake up to that someone’s face infinitely more than couples who’ve seen each other every day since they met. It means one of your favorite hobbies is counting kisses and hand holds. It means, believe it or not, we don’t drive 83 miles every other week for a cup of coffee and to plant a kiss on someone’s cheek. It means we drive 83 miles to see how many casseroles we could make in a new apartment. To see how he would be after a long day with your three kids and a dog. To see what she would look like at 83 years old with all your kids and grandkids and great grandkids and all the mistakes you two could make in 83 years. It means I drive 83 miles every other week for a cup of coffee and your future.

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