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Youth Director by weekday
Content Creator by weekend

Growing up my mom used to tell me and my  brother that we would know we found our calling in life when we figured out where our deep joy meets the world's deep need. As I get older, I find that my deep joy doesn't necessarily have one deep root but wide spread roots in all kinds of different artistic areas.

I pride myself on being a jack of many (but definitely not all) trades. On this site you'll find...

  • photography I've been refining and loving for over 10+ years

  • videography for organizations & my own artistic freedom alike

  • a blog I have poured heart and soul into

  • podcasts I host and produce

  • a print shop with some of my favorite travel photography

As a creative who also works with all ages in the Presbyterian church, I spend a lot of my time observing and reflecting on our world and its beautiful inhabitants. Within any and all of the creative outlets I dabble in, you'll be able to take a peek into those observations that I've put on paper, film, and mic.

All of that being said, I am here to collaborate with you in any creative way you've dreamed up! Whether it's photos, video, podcasts, graphic design...I'm up for it. Feel free to use the contact form below to ask about what services I offer or even just to have conversation as a fellow creative. 


Ruth Amensen

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Located in Central Arkansas but always willing to travel and/or work remotely.

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